Each month you will find a special club event happening at Whisky Run. These tournaments and events always have three important features. They are:

  1. Unique formats & delicious meals
  2. A Fun & Friendly atmosphere
  3. An Amazing Value you can’t beat!

Yes, for our golf outings we do have prizes for the winners and the course competitions, but more importantly, our club events are about getting out on the course with your friends and family and enjoying a laid back round on a beautiful day!


Each golf event is tied to a theme and is set up as a scramble format – sometimes featuring twists and turns! 18 Holes, Golf & Ride, fabulous meals and exciting draws and awards are always on the agenda! Most of these events are sell outs – so make sure you reserve your group right away.

And also included in our Club Events are Special golf-optional or non golf events that feature live entertainment and incredible menus!

Here is a list and a link to each of our Club Events. You can sign up online or in person at the Golf Shop.

We look forward to hosting you this season!club-event-header3