Whisky Run Golf Club has been SOLD to Popular PGA Tour Professional

There has been a deal in the works for some time now. A popular PGA Tour professional has been expressing interest in a local Niagara Regional golf club called; Whisky Run Golf Club. With his PGA Tour career winding down he’s had a yearning to continue in the golf industry. This player has looked at many ventures to pursue for his future. He has considered acquiring a golf apparel company, a golf club manufacturer and even one of the top golf courses in North America. He even designed his own golf course and yet he was still left unsatisfied. When asked why he responded;

“I have taken on the materiel world of golf (equipment, clothing & courses) and it has not fulfilled what I believe the beautiful game of golf is all about. I am looking for something in the golf industry that has more of a welcoming feel to it, something that people enjoy, something that expresses the more social aspect of the game. Something that you show up to and feel like you belong, feel like you are part of the “family”.”

If you are at all familiar with Whisky Run Golf Club (located along the Niagara Regions Southern Coast in a wonderful city called Port Colborne) you would know that it is a family run golf course that aligns with much of the same values that this Tour Professional has expressed. When asked why he chose the city of Port Colborne he responded;

“It really is the small towns that have a certain feeling to it. It’s hard to express in words, other than it just feels right.”

But why pick a city such as this? Are there many other attractions that would bring people here??

“Well, I really just want people to enjoy themselves on the golf course and I feel this is the place to do it. But if you’re looking for other things to do in the area I can name a few! Enjoy a walk along the Port Promenade and discover the shops of Historic West Street, attend a summer performance or a concert at the Roselawn Centre, try your hand at SCUBA diving and explore the waters of Lake Erie, challenge your taste buds at delectable restaurants such as Canalside, The Smokin’ Buddha, Eh Amigos CantinaSan Marco’s and make sure you’re around to experience Canal Days! Port Colborne’s signature event!”

So you might be wondering who this mystery PGA TOUR Professional is and how this deal came to be. Well to find out we had to visit one of the most prominent Realtors in Niagara. That Realtor; Joe “The Right Choice” Gonzalez ( http://joegonzalez.ca/ ). Joe Gonzalez is a realtor for Century 21 Today Realty and has been working with the PGA Tour Veteran to buy Whisky Run GC.

“My client has purchased what we believe to be Niagara’s Best & Friendliest Golf Club in the region. We promise to keep the integrity of the golf course that has been established over the years by the Nieuwland family.”

So I had to ask, who is this mystery PGA Tour Professional that has purchased Whisky Run GC??

” Some of you may know him as a multiple US Amateur Champion, some of you may know him from his many advertising appearances and some of you may know him as one of the greatest professional golfers to ever play the game….The new owner of Whisky Run Golf Club is the one and only…..Tiger Woods!”

Unbelievable! it is an amazing sequence of events that is sure to excite and shock the golf world along with everyone else on planet Earth.!

Happy April 1st!

P.S. please don’t read the fine print below!

For more info on Port Colborne & what to do in the city visit; http://portcolborne.ca/page/things_to_do_in_port

For more info on Joe Gonzalez “The Right Choice” visit; http://joegonzalez.ca/

For more info on Tiger Woods visit; google.ca and just type Tiger Woods! 😉

For more info on Whisky Run GC visit; https://www.whiskyrun.com/

This is an April Fools Joke 🙂 Make sure to visit Whisky Run GC as soon as possible! 🙂